Public Safety

Dean receiving OCSD Citizen’s Academy diploma from O.C. Sheriff Sandra Hutchens.

Dean is always curious about how organizations operate, he has graduated from numerous Citizen’s Academy’s currently involved with many local Education, First Responder, and Military groups. Dean Grose has the experience needed for Los Alamitos.

Dean receiving his Citizen’s Academy diploma from the Department of Justice.
As a retired owner of an on-site medical service company, Dean understands the challenges our first responders face. Tightening of City budgets and an increasing amount of calls for service are tough to balance.

Dean in action at a CERT training day

Dean Grose is prepared to provide sound fiscal guidance and develop new non-tax sources of revenue to support essential City Services.

Please note: We have included many photos on this site so you can get a glimpse of Dean’s dedication and love for Los Alamitos. The people in the photos are not to be thought of as providing an endorsement of Dean.