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Welcome to District 1

Beginning in 2020, residents in the City of Los Alamitos will vote for candidates who run in the district in which they live.  Once elected, these City Council Members will provide direct representation of the unique population, issues and challenges found within each of the districts.  

District 1 is primarily bounded by Cerritos Avenue on the north; Bloomfield Avenue on the east; Katella and Farquhar on the south; and the Coyote Creek on the west. Neighborhoods include Old Town East, Old Town West, a portion of the Bungalows (in Long Beach) and one short street, also west of the San Gabriel River of about eight homes, and a portion of the Apartment Row West, from Reagan St. west to Los Alamitos Blvd.

The city has an estimated 11,700 residents and about 6,000 registered voters citywide. As required of the California Voters Act, the city hired a demographer and hosted 5 public hearings to create a map containing roughly 1,400 voters per district.

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I am honored to present the 2020 list of notable Federal, State, County and Local politicians who endorsed my campaign for Los Alamitos City Council. Several local and state associations have also endorsed me.

Vote November 3rd

Ballots are here! Look for Dean Grose, who is listed first on the ballot for District 1 in Los Alamitos City Council. Vote for a strong leader with a powerful vision for Los Alamitos. Vote for Dean Grose on November 3rd.

Candidate Statement

Let’s keep Los Alamitos a great city for future generations to return to and call home. Los Alamitos features great schools, safe neighborhoods, beautiful parks and shopping. Read my 2020 Candidate Statement.